A tireless advocate for less government and lower taxes, Commissioner Coleman is quick to point out that special taxing districts are hidden governmental entities that add unnecessary layers of government while assessing a high tax burden on homeowners.

"They were meant to provide needed infrastructure for rural counties in areas that needed economic help, but now they've just been turned into a way for developers to get low-price financing for their high-density developments outside of urban areas," says Coleman.

During his tenure on the Commissioners Court, Hugh Coleman has consistently opposed the creation of such special taxing districts outside the boundaries of a municipality due to their high taxes and the burdens they bring to county infrastructure, fire protection and law enforcement. 


County officials file their campaign finance reports with the County Elections Office and their personal financial statements with the County Clerk. 

Personal financial statements and campaign finance reports offer clues to the financial interests of local officials and who those who might be supporting them. 

These hard to find documents provide potentially valuable disclosures about property holdings, stocks, bonds, outside business interests or employment and those who may be contributing to a candidate's campaign. 

More transparency equals more accountability by Elected Officials and more accessibility to voters. 

Hugh Coleman in an advocate for government transparency and has lead by example on the Denton County Commissioners Court by publishing his campaign finance report and personal financial statement online.

Denton County Financial Transparency


 Commissioner Coleman believes in a sound fiscal approach that is centered on responsible spending and reducing taxes.

In 2018 the Denton County Commissioner's Court adopted a tax rate that was 22.57 cents per $100 valuation, four pennies lower than the 2014 tax rate of 27.22 cents per $100 valuation and the lowest tax rate in eight years. 



Since Hugh Coleman joined the Denton County Commissioners Court in 2009, he has worked hard to provide transportation infrastructure to Denton County. 

By improving county facilities and equipment Denton County Road & Bridge East has been able to provide pavement to over ninety present of the roads maintained by Precinct One while at the same time improving streets and mobility in numerous Precinct One municipalities. 

Specifically, he has partnered with Cities and TXDOT in funding the expansion of State Highways FM 423, FM 720, FM 2181, FM 455, FM 2499, US 377 and US 380 along with municipal streets such as Mayhill in Denton, Lake Sharon and Parkridge Blvd in Corinth, McRenyolds Road and Cowling in Sanger, Teal and Stonebrook in Frisco, and Naylor in Crossroads.


Commissioner Coleman is a strong advocate of bringing real jobs and lasting employment to Precinct One. 

It is his firm belief that Denton County needs to develop an economy independent of Dallas and Fort Worth and not simply evolve into a bedroom community of metroplex commuters. 

Limited government and free enterprise is his approach for what is needed to grow Denton County into a community of entrepreneurs creating businesses and jobs.