Hugh Coleman For Denton County Commissioner Precinct 1

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

Ronald Reagan

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The following Denton County elected officials and community leaders are proud to endorse Hugh Coleman for his re-election to the office of Denton County Commissioner for Precinct One.

Honorable Myra Crownover - State Represenative House District 64

Honorable Pat Fallon - State Represenative House District 106

Honorable Ron Merchant - County Commissioner Precinct 2

Honorable Bobby Mitchell - County Commissioner Precinct 3

Honorable Andy Eads - County Commissioner Precinct 4

Honorable Johnny Hammons - Constable Precinct 1

Honorable Mike Truit - Constable Precinct 3

Honorable Doug Boydston - Constable Precinct 5

Honorable Maher Masso - Mayor of Frisco

Honorable Thomas Muir - Mayor of Sanger

Honorable Sean Terry - Mayor of Celina

Honorable David Hillock - Mayor Little Elm

Honorable Ray Smith - Mayor of Prosper

Honorable Cindy Specncer - Mayor of Shady Shores

Honorable Bill Heidmann - Mayor of Corinth

Honorable Shea Patterson - Mayor of Pilot Point

Honorable Dave Hill - Mayor of Kruegerville

Honorable Steve Smith - Mayor of Crossroads

Honorable Ron Austin - Mayor of Hackberry

Honorable David Shuck - Mayor of Providence Village

Honorable Duane Olson - Mayor of Oak Point

Honorable Janet Meyers - Mayor of Aubrey

Honorable Will Sowell - Frisco City Council

Honorable Bob Allen - Frisco City Council

Honorable John Keating - Frisco City Counncil

Honorable Scott Johnson - Frisco City Council

Honorable Tim Nelson - Frisco City Council

Honorable Joey Hawkins - Denton City Council

Honorable Greg Johnson - Denton City Council

Honorable Kevin Roden - Denton City Council

Honorable Dalton Gregory - Denton City Council

Honorable Mark Bouroughs - Former Mayor City of Denton

Honorable Perry McNeil - Former Mayor City of Denton

Honorable Jack Miller - Former Mayor City of Denton

Honorable Bill Neu - Former Mayor City of Denton